Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

The Year 5 teaching team includes Mrs Ward-Fox, Mrs Ward and Mrs Skolas. We are delighted to help your child on their journey through the engaging and challenging Year 5 curriculum.

Every week pupils will be given homework and spellings to continue their learning experiences beyond the classroom. Please help to ensure that your child completes and returns homework every Tuesday. The children also have a times table sheet in their homework book, it is very helpful for their learning if they practice their times tables so that they know the answers quickly. If there are any issues regarding homework, or your child finds a particular piece of homework challenging, then please do not hesitate to come and speak to us.

In Year 5 we love reading! Stories, poems and factual texts help to increase a child’s knowledge of vocabulary, ability to comprehend and help them to write their own imaginative pieces of work. Please listen to your child read regularly, even just one page of their reading book, and talk to them about what they have read and any vocabulary that they found challenging.

We look forward to helping your child thrive as an independent learner. If you have any questions, our door is always open.

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Class Photo

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