Our Performance and Ofsted

At Sandal Magna Community Academy we believe that our school sits within the heart and the future of the community.

We aim to serve the needs of all the families within the local area, with a commitment to developing the social cohesion of our community and to maximising the life chances of each and every child. We endeavour to work in close partnership with parents for the benefit of our children.

When our children leave the Academy we want them to be happy, enthusiastic, confident, curious, tolerant and most importantly; well prepared for their next stage of learning.

In May 2013 Sandal Magna converted to Sponsored Academy Status with the Wakefield Diocesan Academies Trust (WDAT). They are a Trust based in Wakefield serving parts of Barnsley, Calderdale, Kirklees, North Yorkshire and Wakefield and sponsored their first academy in September 2012. WDAT has since changed their name to Enhance Academy Trust (EAT) in June 2016. Although we are being sponsored by a Trust supported by the Church of England we will remain a Community Academy and will not become a "church" school even though many of our objectives and procedures have much in common.

The decision to become a Sponsored Academy was taken by the Governors of the school in order to help secure the futures of the children in our care, as it means that we will be able to access more support from other agencies/schools in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning and therefore results.

Parent Feedback - June 2023

Thank you for your feedback on the Parental Questionnaire responding to the Parent View questions. From the 24 responses, you can see a summary of the information below:






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Our most recent Ofsted inspection was done in March 2017, please see the link below for the full report.

Ofsted Report 2022


2023 KS1 Data Breakdown
  All Children
Key Stage 1 Breakdown 2023 Reading Writing Maths  
% at Expected Standard 60% 57% 60%  
% Working at Greater Depth 13% 0% 10%  
2023 KS2 Data Breakdown
  All Children
Key Stage 2 Breakdown 2023 Reading Writing Maths GPS Combined
% at Expected Standard 70% 70% 68% 80% 60%
% at Higher Standard 10% 3% 6% 20% 0%
Average Scaled Score 102 - 101 103 -
Average progress from KS1 to KS2
Year Reading Writing Maths
2019 -2.9 0.0 -0.9
2022 -0.5 +0.5 +0.1
2023 +0.5 +1.8 +0.5