Kingswood -Day 2

Friday 05 Oct 2018 23:00pm

After a good night's rest, we began our day at 7am and made our way to breakfast. Unfortunately, the rain was falling but it didn't dampen our spirits! Our first activity of the day was archery. We learnt how to hold a bow correctly and fire arrows at a target. Some of us surprised ourselves at how good we were! Next, was 'buggy building'. In teams, we had to create a buggy using barrels, wooden planks and ropes. If you imagine the car which Fred Flintstone drove, it looked little bit like that!! Everyone pitched in and we worked as teams to make our buggies strong enough to travel a short distance.
After a delicious lunch, we tested our nerves on the crate stack challenge and then had a lot of fun on nightline.
It has been wonderful to see so many children challenging themselves to take part in activities they would not normally face. We have just had a fantastic campfire, singing songs, telling stories and (bad) jokes! In the morning, we have two more activities before heading back to school after lunch. We hope to bring back lots of tired and happy children! Photos will be added to the blogs before the end of the weekend.