Kingswood - Day 1

Thursday 04 Oct 2018 23:00pm

We arrived safely after a short coach ride and met our Kingswood guide who showed us around the site. Everyone was really excited when they saw all the activities we were going to do! As soon as we arrived at our dormitories, our first task was to make up the beds. It took some of us quite a while to complete but the grown ups enjoyed watching us!
After a quick break, we headed for our first two activities - Laser Zone and Aeroball. It was lovely for our teachers to see us all competing and having a great time working as teams.
At 6pm, everyone was glad to sit down and enjoy their tea. The food here is wonderful!
 The final activity of the day was called Scrapheap Challenge. In teams, we were given piles of old cardboard boxes and some sellotape. Our challenge was to create a character and perform a play. Everyone got stuck in and we made some amazing characters including Batman, a cat stuck up a tree, the 3 Little Pigs and even a story about some teachers from school! Everyone was brilliant and we all enjoyed performing to others.
As we have such a busy day planned tomorrow, the teachers are hoping for an early night and a good sleep. Fingers crossed! We are still working out how to add some pictures for you but we hope to do this soon. Please check again tomorrow for our next update.