Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Sandal Magna we know that your child's mental health is equally as important as thier physical health.

Although you often can’t see it with your bare eyes, a mental health problem can cause serious damage to a person’s life and well-being. For us to work on mental health issues prevention, we need to raise awareness about these problems. School is definitely one of the places where mental health awareness needs to be at a high level.

The documents below can give parents a good starting point for ways of helping your child at home too.

  • Mental Health Policy
  • Talking about Mental Health - Tips for Parents
  • Anger - advice for parents
  • Grief and Loss - information for parents
  • Online Safety - advice for parents
  • Self-esteem - information for parents
  • Supporting your child at school - advice for parents
  • Talking to your child about scary world news - advice for parents