Helping your child at home

There is a great deal of research evidence suggesting that pupil performance can be improved if parents are aware of how they can support their child's learning at home. Most of you are very willing to help, time permitting, and of course you want the best for your child, but it is not always easy for you to know how best to do this. The year group pages on this website and dropping into school are an important part of this communication with you, sharing what your child is doing in school and how you can help to support them in the main curriculum areas during the year.

Schools of course have a huge part to play in the rate of a pupil's progress; that’s what we’re here for. However, if we can work in closer partnership with you as parents, involving you more in their learning, we are sure that this will have a really positive impact on individual children's progress.

Here is some practical advice when helping your child at home:

Your child should be bringing a regular reading book home. Reading with them at home will really help move their learning forward.
Some classes will send home lists of spellings to learn. Learning these at home will help your child remember to use them correctly in their school work.
Additional Writing
Any additional writing activities at home are most welcome, practising handwriting and writing stories is great!
When you’re out shopping, look at prices and how many things are in the basket - there are so many calculations you could do. Any ways of counting are a great help.
If there is any other homework that comes home, it is usually designed for sharing with parents so it would be great if you could share this with them.
Book Bags
Make sure your child is bringing their book bags to and from school. It is used for taking homework and reading books to and from school so please check them for this plus letters are often found in book bags.

Please see the links page which has a list of website which you may find useful when supporting your child.

If you require any of the information from our website in paper form, please contact the school office where we will be happy to organise this free of charge.