At Sandal Magna we know that school attendance is incredibly important. We want to work with parents to find solutions to issues preventing children missing school. We have improved attendance at Sandal Magna for 6 years in a row until covid happened. Wakefield Council are also promoting good attendance. Please see their campaign documents here. Please help us improve this again by bringing your child every day! We have a number of strategies to ensure children are in school as much as possible, here are just a few:



We can see from our records that children with the highest attendance do better in school than children who have lower attendance. If they miss school, they miss chances to succeed!


First Day Response

If we don't know why a child is not in school we will call home the first morning they are absent



Children earn rewards individually for good attendance over the year, they also are rewarded weekly as a class and half termly through our Attendance Incentive scheme


Term Time Fines

If you take your child out of school for 5 days or more, we will issue a fixed penalty notice of £60 per child, per parent


Home Visits

If your child is unwell and off school for more than two days, we may pay you a home visit. This is part of our safeguarding procedures.


Education Welfare

We meet regularly with the EW officers from the council to discuss any children will lower than 90% attendance. If the attendance of your child doesn't improve, it may result in a fixed penalty notice (fine).