Eco School Council & Playground Friends

We meet every other Friday to discuss school issues. We have our own badges that we wear around school with pride. This means people can approach us with ideas and problems that we can take to our meetings.

Classes will have a class council meeting to discuss ideas and problems beforehand and we will talk about these at our meeting. Each school councillor is responsible for taking notes from the class council meetings to bring to share at the following school council meeting.

Playground Friends

The playground friends are a groups of Year 5 and Year 6 children who help younger Key Stage 1 children to enjoy their lunchtimes. They are easily recognisable by their caps!

They play with the KS1 children and model games with them as well as including children who may have no one to play with. The younger children really enjoy lunchtimes and the older children relish the responsibility and important role they play.

Playground Friends Pictures