School Council & Playground Friends

At Sandal Magna Community Academy, we have a group of children who form our School Council every year. Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 has the opportunity to put themselves forward to be a school councillor.

These children are responsible for:
√ Working with their classes to discuss any current issues, concerns or developments
√ Feeding back relevant information from School Council meetings to their class and class teacher
√ Supporting the organisation of events to help raise money for charities.
√ Making informed decisions about our school, eg: playground equipment/ rules
√ Inviting visitors into our school when appropriate
√ Working in and communicating with the local community, eg: advertising events, visiting local businesses

We value the role of the School Council in our school as we believe it allows children:
√To develop confidence and interpersonal skills
√ To be actively involved in decision making that will have a direct impact on their community
√ To work with a range of people, eg: people from the local community
√ To begin to understand how a democracy means working fairly
√ To have a voice within their local community
√To reflect on the needs of their school and chosen charity

We have our own badges that we wear around school with pride. This means people can approach us with ideas and problems that we can take to our meetings. Please look out for our councillors around school.

See our School Council Action Plan

Playground Friends

The playground friends are a groups of Year 5 and Year 6 children who help younger Key Stage 1 children to enjoy their lunchtimes. They are easily recognisable by their caps!

They play with the KS1 children and model games with them as well as including children who may have no one to play with. The younger children really enjoy lunchtimes and the older children relish the responsibility and important role they play.

Playground Friends Pictures