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Welcome to the Lower Foundation Stage (Nursery)

Children and adults are engaged on a lifetime’s journey of discovery and learning and we want your journey to begin here.

The staff with whom you and your child will work with are Miss Cranham, Mrs Evans and Mrs Sowden.

During your child's time in nursery we want them to feel happy and safe. We give the children a wide range of oppertunites throughout the nursery which gives them a variety of experiences. This allows your child to develop self-help skills which form a good foundation for later education.

Our class blog will share with you what your children have been doing at nursery.

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Welcome to the Upper Foundation Stage page!

Our Upper Foundation Stage teaching team are Mrs Taylor, Mrs Ahmed and Mrs Ishtiaq. We aim to offer your child a stimulating learning environment that enables them to learn through play. We encourage children to develop independence and skills needed to prepare them for their school career, and develop the disposition of a learner.

We are a dedicated Early Years team and look forward to working with families as partners to ensure every child achieves their potential.

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Welcome to a new school year on the Year One blog page.

Our teaching team includes Miss Abernethy, Mrs Dunphy, Mrs Azam and Miss Dimmock. 

When the children first arrive in Year One, we strive to keep the changes to a minimum and adhere to the familiar routines of their previous Reception Class. This is because we understand that children learn best when they feel safe and secure, and thus they need time to settle in to their new classroom with their new teachers. Our timetable includes daily numeracy, literacy and phonics lessons. The children are encouraged to use ICT confidently and safely from an early age and they also enjoy lots of physical and creative experiences including PE, baking, music, art & DT. We encourage the children to learn through exciting and challenging activities with the addition of educational visits which provide memorable and worthwhile experiences.

We have high expectations of your child’s achievements so please help us maintain this by giving us your full support. This means regular reading with your child, encouraging and assisting them with any homework such as spellings.

On Friday mornings we will continue with the parent and child reading club which most of you will be familiar with.  We will continue with this in a similar way that involve reading with your child and helping them with a short follow u activity. The sessions will run from 8.45 until 9.05 and we do expect all parents, or a guardian, to attend. P.E. lessons in Year One are currently Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings  so please ensure your child has a P.E. kit in school at all times. Parents’ evenings are every term. We do ask you to support your child by attending as this allows us to discuss your child’s progress and the next steps they need to take. If you have any concerns about your child, educationally or otherwise please do not hesitate to pop along and see any of the Year One teaching staff at any time although the end of the school day is preferable.

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction to our blog. It will be updated regularly so please come and have a look again to view photographs and read about the many exciting things that your child is experiencing in Year One. 

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Welcome to Year 2!

Our class is made up of brilliant children who all have an individual love for learning. Our teacher is Mrs Thompson. We are also lucky to have in our class: Miss Wood and Miss Dimmock. Miss Wood who is with us each day and Miss Dimmock who works with us each morning and two afternoons. Miss Grindle will teach us on Tuesday afternoon and Mrs Skolas on a Friday afternoon.

Our school day includes daily phonics, English and maths lessons. The children in Year 2 have weekly science, history, geography, ICT, PE, art, baking, music and RE lessons.

The Year 2 team are excited about being part of your child’s learning journey. We look forward to working with both you and your child.

Please ensure your child has the correct uniform, PE kit and a water bottle each day for school.

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Welcome to the Year 3 page!

Our Year 3 teaching team are Mr Carver, Mrs Swailes, Mr Dixon and Mrs Skolas. We work very hard as a team to make our classroom a stimulating environment for every child. Each week we learn and have fun in many different subjects.  Our daily lessons include English, maths and reading. We also learn about science, geography, history, P.E art, French, R.E and computing.

Every Monday we are lucky to work with our specialist music teacher, Mrs Garside. She works with Wakefield Music Services and offers our children fun and exciting lessons.

We are committed to helping your child develop in our class. We offer all children the chance to grow both academically and spiritually. We look forward to working with them as they continue their development through our school.

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Welcome to the Year 4 page. 

Our teaching team are Mrs. Sketchley, Mrs. Skolas, Mrs Ahmed, Miss Corbett, Mrs Clifton and Mr. Dixon. Our aim is to make your learning interesting, engaging and stimulating.   When you come to school with a smile on your face and work hard, you will have a lot of fun.  Just be the best you can be!

In Year 4, we are lucky enough to go to the swimming pool in Normanton every Tuesday afternoon. You will need a swimming costume or trunks (not shorts) and a towel.  If you have any questions about this, please see Mrs Sketchley.

Every Friday afternoon, we will have PE. When the weather is good, we will go outside.  Please make sure you have the correct kit,  most importantly trainers and a different top and shorts or tracksuit bottoms - more information can be found on the Dress Code page and in the school prospectus sent home at the beginning of the year.

Homework is set on Fridays and you should bring it back no later than the following Tuesday.  If there is a problem, it is your responsibility to see Mrs Sketchley before Tuesday as everyone is expected to hand in their homework.  Spellings will be given to you on a Friday and tested the following Friday. 

Your teachers are looking forward to this school year and all the exciting things we will be learning. 

Thank you for visiting our page.  If you have any questions, please come and have a chat with one of the team at the end of the day.



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Welcome to the Year 5 Blog page.

In Year 5, individually we are all special and unique but together we form a class family that has a positive and caring attitude towards each other and the rest of the school.

The Year 5 teaching team includes our class teacher, Mr Smith, as well as our Teaching Assistants Mrs Ward, Mrs Skolas, Miss Grindle, Miss Corbett and Mrs Clifton. Our Year 5 teaching team aims to create a stimulating learning environment that is safe, happy, exciting and challenging, where each pupil is encouraged to achieve their full potential. Some of our class will be taught by Mrs Shepherd for English and Maths.

To continue our high expectations, please help ensure your child completes and returns any homework they are given each week.  Children are given homework to help them practice skills they've learnt in class. If there are any issues regarding homework or your child finds a particular piece of homework challenging, then please do not hesitate to come and speak to Mr Smith. If your child does not finish a piece of work in school, they may be asked to complete it for homework. In order to help improve your child’s reading skills, increase their vocabulary and develop their comprehension skills, we also ask that you listen to your child read, ask them questions to ensure they have understood what they have read as well as sign their reading record book at least three times a week. 

Children should come to school each day with a water bottle and a bag to carry their reading book, any homework, letters and their PE kit to and from school in.  Year 5 have P.E. lessons every Monday afternoon. 

Thank you for visiting our Year 5 Blog Page.

Please revisit us during the school year to find out what exciting learning has taken place in our class.

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Our Year 6 teaching team are Mrs Shepherd, Miss Grindle, Miss Corbett and Mrs Clifton. Our aim is to create independent, curious and successful young adults who are ready to take on challenges. We intend to do this through providing interesting and stimulating lessons.

We are excited about helping your child move their learning forward and make progress in school. We look forward to working with them as they conclude their learning journey through Sandal Magna Community Academy.

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Victory for our volleyball team

Seven keen volleyball players went to Kettlethorpe High School on Wednesday evening to participate in the pyramid wide volleyball tournament.  As we made our way there, there was talk that it would be great to come third and not last.  Little did we know the joys that were just around the corner! 
Our first match was against St James’ and though they were a spirited team, we beat them comfortably.  Next we were playing against Hendal Lane.  Looking smart in their kit and strong as a team, they put up a good fight and still we won.  We began to get a bit excited.
The next round gave us chance to regroup and we honed our serving and passing skills on the spare court before taking on Mackie Hill in the fourth round.  They were slick and coordinated but we held serve and beat them by a small margin.  Scarcely daring to believe our good fortune, we faced our final match against Dane Royd.  They were really great sports given that they had been narrowly beaten in their previous heat, but we held our nerve and were rewarded with a win by two points.
With four match wins, we are the volleyball champions.  Just look at the delight on our faces.
Krystian was man of the match due to his sportsmanship in allowing others a game and volunteering to be a substitute when tensions ran high in the last round, but really that honour could have gone to any one of our fabulous players.
Well done Krystian, Patryk, Keera, Harris G, Lemar, Nafeesah and Rehman.  You were fab-u-lous!

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