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At Sandal Magna Community Academy we believe that our school sits within the heart and the future of the community.

We aim to serve the needs of all the families within the local area, with a commitment to developing the social cohesion of our community and to maximise the life chances of each and every child. We endeavour to work in close partnership with parents for the benefit of our children.

When our children leave the Academy we want them to be happy, enthusiastic, confident, curious, tolerant and most importantly; well prepared for their next stage of learning.

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New school telephone number 01924 767080

The school now has a new telephone number.
01924 767080
This replaces the previous number.
Thank you.
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Summer Fair

Wow! What a way to start the last week of term!
we had a lovely afternoon on Monday with bouncy castles, stalls, raffle, ice-creams and all the other things you would hope to see at a summer fair, including glorious sunshine.
Thanks are due to everyone who helped out - far too many to name individually - and who helped us raise the grand total of £1,216.39.
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Kingswood The final countdown

Well we made it through the weekend.  We are older, wiser, considerably more tired and rather less exuberant than we were on Friday afternoon but we have returned better equipped to work as a team and well versed in taking risks and encouraging our friends.  In short, we have had a ball.  The seemingly endless supply of goodies was not entirely consumed despite the best efforts of most of the children and probably aided by Mr Elliott's slight memory lapse.  (The teachers have a strong suspicion that the children may have been rather 'conservative' in their judgements of the 'half' that they handed over on Friday evening, but are forgiven based on our unbiased and grateful thanks for their fabulous behaviour.)  Mums and dads, your children were a credit to themselves, their families and our school.

Some children were awake at 6am, whilst others were subjected to Mrs Sketchley's enthusiastic morning call.  No need for pre breakfast football this morning either.  Instead we played strip the bed and find the sock, then find its partner and its owner.  Surprisingly, many children did not recognise their own clothes this morning.  The tidiest bedroom awards go to Joseph, Jaydon, Fabian and Abdullah and to Keera and Milena.  The messiest cannot be named here, but their families have our deepest sympathies.

After breakfast, we enjoyed bouldering, Jacob's ladder and archery.  Now we are all looking forward to plenty of sleep.

Special thanks to Mr Carver, Mr Elliott and Mrs Pratt.  You, too, are the epitome of great teamwork.  Night, night, sleep tight, hope the bed bugs don't bite.
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Friends of Sandal Magna

The Friends of Sandal Magna are the fundraising committee of Sandal Magna Community Academy.

Eco Schools

Eco School

Our new school was built as an eco-building. That means that it is friendly towards the environment.

Our Address

Our Address

  • Sandal Magna Community
  • Belle Vue Road
  • Wakefield WF1 5NF
  • Our Phone Number01924 767080
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