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At Sandal Magna Community Academy we believe that our school sits within the heart and the future of the community.

We aim to serve the needs of all the families within the local area, with a commitment to developing the social cohesion of our community and to maximise the life chances of each and every child. We endeavour to work in close partnership with parents for the benefit of our children.

When our children leave the Academy we want them to be happy, enthusiastic, confident, curious, tolerant and most importantly; well prepared for their next stage of learning.

Mrs Louise Sennett

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Attendance Incentive Reward Day

Last Friday saw the most recent attendance incentive day. All the children with 100% attendance got a chance to visit ZooLab, who brought along a mixture of exotic animals. Everybody thouroughly enjoyed themselves, even though some people were a little bit scared occasionally. There was no need to worry though, all the animals were very friendly and safe except for the one that nobody got to touch. Can you guess wich one that was? 
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Kingswood Photographs

Sunday has come around all too quickly and we are getting ready to depart.  The beds have been stripped and we have removed all evidence that we were ever here from the dormitories.   We have had a wonderful time. 
Our final challenges today were to climb as high as we could on the climbing wall in a limited time and to develop our trust, collaboration and team building skills on the low ropes. 
Thanks to Mrs Pratt, Mr Carver, Mrs Ward-Fox, Mrs Whitell and Mrs Sketchley for giving up their weekends and sharing a fabulous 48 hours with us.  We are tired and weary but have had a super time making lasting memories.  The photos make us smile.  We hope they have the same effect on you!

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Kingswood -Day 2

After a good night's rest, we began our day at 7am and made our way to breakfast. Unfortunately, the rain was falling but it didn't dampen our spirits! Our first activity of the day was archery. We learnt how to hold a bow correctly and fire arrows at a target. Some of us surprised ourselves at how good we were! Next, was 'buggy building'. In teams, we had to create a buggy using barrels, wooden planks and ropes. If you imagine the car which Fred Flintstone drove, it looked little bit like that!! Everyone pitched in and we worked as teams to make our buggies strong enough to travel a short distance.
After a delicious lunch, we tested our nerves on the crate stack challenge and then had a lot of fun on nightline.
It has been wonderful to see so many children challenging themselves to take part in activities they would not normally face. We have just had a fantastic campfire, singing songs, telling stories and (bad) jokes! In the morning, we have two more activities before heading back to school after lunch. We hope to bring back lots of tired and happy children! Photos will be added to the blogs before the end of the weekend.
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Friends of Sandal Magna

The Friends of Sandal Magna are the fundraising committee of Sandal Magna Community Academy.

Eco Schools

Eco School

Our new school was built as an eco-building. That means that it is friendly towards the environment.

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Our Address

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